Frequently Asked Questions:

q. How do  I know my massage therapist is properly trained and licensed?

a.  Your massage therapist must have graduated from an accredited massage therapy school, and passed the provincial board exams. In British Columbia they must be registered in good standing with the College of Massage Therapy of (BC).

q. Do I need a doctor’s referral?

a. No. There is no requirement to have a referral to see an RMT. However, extended health care plans and insurers may require a referral before you will be covered. It’s advised to check your policy to see if a referral is required for reimbursement.

q. Do Provincial Health plans (MSP) cover massage therapy?

a. No, but limited coverage is available to those on Premium Assistance.  Most extended health plans will cover a portion or full cost of massage therapy treatment. In many provinces Worker’s Compensation (WCB) or Auto Insurance will cover a portion of the cost of massage therapy for injury rehabilitation.  Check with the policy provider first as every plan is different.

q. Are there any conditions or aliments where massage therapy is not recomended?

a. Yes. Consult with your doctor or therapist regarding your health history or condition(s).

q. Do massage therapists have cancellation policies?

a. Yes. Always ask the clinic about there cancellation policy. Many clinics require a minimum of 24 hours prior notice of a cancellation. Failure to do so, may result in paying partial or full treatment fee.

q. How long of an appointment do I need?

a. Generally 50 to 60 minutes for initial appointment (assessment & treatment). However depending on condition or treatment plan your therapist may recommend 30 or 45 minute appointments.

q. Is an entire appointment always on the treatment table?

a. No. an appointment may also involve assessment and treatment off the table.

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